Basic pricing:

  • 10K to 20K words – $15
  • 20K to 45K words – $25
  • 45K to 100K words – $35
  • 100K to 150K words – $45
  • 150K to 200K words – $55
  • 200K to 250K words – $65
  • 250K to 300K words – $75
  • 0ver 300K (usually for boxed sets) – hourly rate of $20/hr may be applied

        Additional Services:

  • Hyperlinked Table Of Contents (TOC)
  • Embedded cover image
  • External Hyperlinks
  • Conversion to .epub, mobi, and .pdf formats

     Total for all these additional services – Only $20 + Basic Pricing

          Add $5 for extra e-book versions beyond the Standard 5 (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords)

     Createspace Print File Formatting

     Complete formatting for Print-On-Demand books – Only $20 + Basic Pricing

    Boxed Sets and Bundle Formatting

    Compile multiple books into a single volume – Only $60 + Basic Pricing

    Hyperlinked Back List Creation

     Creating hyperlinked lists of your back list books with publisher specific links for insertion into the different versions of your e-books. $20 per hour. See blog article for more details.

     Graphics & Images

  • Embedded images$5 per 10 image insertions

  • Graphics Creation – $20/hour for graphics creation or heavy manipulation in Photoshop

     Fixing Typos and Changes to book files previously formatted by IRONHORSE 

     If you have a book that was previously formatted by IRONHORSE Formatting and need typo corrections and fixes to the file there are 2 categories of fixes. These are discussed in much greater detail in my Blog post “I found a Typo!”

  • Minor Changes (5 to 10 typos or areas needing small changes)  =   $20

  • Major Changes (Numerous typos, or large portions of text) = Full Formatting Price

Here’s an Example of what a standard order might look like:

55K words Basic Smashwords Format = $35

Additional Services                                   = $20

Hyperlinked Back List Creation-1 hour =$20

Createspace Format                                  = $20

Total                                                             = $95

Once you get a Price Quote from me, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.


**  Non-Fiction – I am currently not accepting Non-Fiction manuscripts due to the vastly increased time requirements for Non-Fiction formatting.

       **  Non-fiction has different pricing based on content layout. If a non-fiction book is in a standard novel-style layout, an autobiography for example, there is no difference in price. If a DIY/Self-Help style layout is used with bullet points, numbering, etc., these present formatting challenges that are much more time consuming and require an additional fee for that time.

  • Standard Non-fiction in Novel Format (Biography) = Basic Pricing Above
  • DIY Non-fiction-Self Help, Cookbook, How-To, etc. = Basic Price + $60 extra **