My Clients’ Books!

Here’s a very small gallery of some of the authors I’ve worked with. From first time authors to New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers, and everyone in between, you’ll probably find some of your favorites in here.

JanaDeLeon-LongshotJacquieJohnson_Dilemma GemmaHalliday-Secrets GemmaHalliday-confessions GemmaHalliday-Scandals FeliceFox-TakeMeForLonging EmilyEvans-Do Over Thunderstorm and lightning on the beach EdenBradley-DarkGarden EdenBradley-breakingsky DRErickson-WarGodsMen DRErickson-ClockworkMuse DRErickson-BloodGate DRErickson-AMidnightDreary DelaneyDiamond-Ultimate Merger DelaneyDiamond-Temptation of a Good Man DelaneyDiamond-Here Comes Trouble DelaneyDiamond-A Hard Man to Love DawnHalliday_SinsoftheHighlander Caroline Mickleson-witchweigh Caroline Mickleson-Mangia2Murder Carissa Marks-Rebel Child CandaceShaw-Cooking_Up_Love Arlene Lam-Rescued Arlene Lam-FlowersOfTheBayou AriannaSkye_WingsofDesire Amy Durham-OnceAgain