Hyperlinked Back Lists – Do it!

I just wanted to put a little note here about back lists. If you have written more than one book, you have a back list that readers need to know about. The best way to show readers that you have other work they might be interested in while they’re already enjoying one of your books is to list your other work in the back matter of your books.

What’s that? You do that already? Great! But do you have hyperlinks to your books so readers can go directly to the sales page for each title and buy it? I hope so, but if not, you are wasting some valuable real estate in the back of your books.

Most people, believe it or not, are kind of short on attention span. If they have to look for your book by searching for you, going to your website, finding the title they like then finding a link to buy it, then going to the retail site…you see what I mean. Skip all that.

Book Title – click – done! That makes it easier for everyone.

You know all this? Great! One last thing you may or may not have thought of. Each retail site like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, etc. all require that any buy link inside your self-published books goes only to their respective websites. So, no Amazon links in a Nook book.

The best thing you can do is to take your current back list and put it into a blank word document and set it up exactly as if it were in one of your books. Now, copy/paste that bad boy 5 more times in the same document and label them according to publisher, and one that has links to your website’s book pages. Now add your book links to each list so they correspond to the publisher. Save that new master back list and update it with any new books your write in the future and the links to get to them.

Whenever you have a new self-pub title ready to format send the updated master list along with your manuscript to your formatter, hopefully me. That way I can easily insert the appropriate back lists in the corresponding book versions. 


You can pay me to do it for you. I charge $20 an hour. The average book list of 10 to 20 books requires between 1 and 2 hours to create all the versions. So, if you want me to build your back lists, and insert the links to all the various publishing sites I’m happy to do it. But I think you’d be happier to save some cash.

Either way, a linked back list in each version of your book/books is crucial to building incremental sales for your career. So my advice is… do it:-)

Thanks for reading, and as always…Thanks so much for your business!

Lee, IHFormatting

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