Now With More Twitter! What took me so long?

Yes, I finally did it. I jumped in to the Twitter pool. I have a handle and everything, @IHFormatting. I have to admit that when it started just a handful of years ago I thought Twitter was dumb. What could you possibly say in 140 characters. It seemed so limiting and…teenagery.

And with all the celebrities having twitter fights, drunk tweets, over exposure tweets, and other inane B.S. I thought “Give it time. This is just a fad.” Says the guy who uses technology to make his living on the interwebz. I just didn’t get it.

Then Egypt happened. That’s the power of Twitter. All I have to say is “then Egypt happened” and everybody knows what I mean. This dinky-doo social media site had become a force of change in the world. So, I started paying a lot more attention and asking some of you if you thought it was worth while for me to get an account. Not to start a revolution, just to be connected. I just wasn’t sure what I’d say.

The answer from every corner was “Yes! Do it!”.  Ana E. Ross, or @anaeross, said that it would be a great way for me to connect with authors and meet new clients who could use my services. @RG_Alexander said I should use it to post the books I had finished formatting to help my authors promote their work. Great advice from 2 great authors!

So for the past few days that’s what I’ve been doing. Finding new clients and helping to promote my existing clients. But not only that…I’m following @WilliamShatner! Holy Star Trek this is awesome! If you didn’t already know I’m a huge geek and in love with all things sci-fi, especially Star Trek. So to be able to communicate, ok so it’s mostly one sided, with the crew of the Enterprise is pure geek heaven.

I will say that Twitter gives the illusion of familiarity with celebrities, if not actual contact. It’s kind of like you’re on the outside of a circle of bodyguards and friends of your favorite celeb, then you overhear them say something clever. So you shout above the din of other voices, “Hey that was really funny! I totally agree with what you just said because it relates to my life!” Then, if you’re lucky… they give you the nod, as if to say, “I approve of your approval.” Then we get all giddy. OK, I do because deep down I’m like Lucille Ball meeting a celebrity. If I actually met @NathanFillion or any TV Captain in person I’d probably spill my soda on him and Ricky Ricardo would come around the corner saying “Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.” So, I’ll count my blessings if I get a Retweet from any of my idols, and maybe spill soda on myself if I ever get an actual reply:)

Yes, Twitter can be addictive, and at times it can even be annoying, #Snookie. But it seems like you all are way ahead of me on discovering how powerful of a thing Twitter actually is for social awareness, marketing, and just seeing what your favorite Captain is doing this morning.

So, I’m truly a Twitter convert and feel like I’m finally not missing out on all the cool stuff. But I do have one question. Can anyone tell me about this MySpace thing?

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